Science Class Activity

Science Activity in Grade 3 For young learners, science is just an extension of their everyday world. We don’t have to teach young children how to wonder, discover, and explore through play because they do it naturally. The myth is that we have to convince children that science is fun. Are you kidding? Science has always been fun for children… if it’s presented in the right way. When people say they don’t like science, it’s most likely because of a bad experience they had as a child. It was the EXPERIENCE that shaped their negative opinion. That’s why it’s so important to focus on working with early childhood to learn how to create amazing experiences that encourage discovery through play, asking questions, exploration and using creativity to solve simple problems. It’s next to impossible to erase bad experiences. On the flip side, amazing experiences turn into unforgettable learning experiences that can inspire and motivate children to want to learn and explore more on their own.Keeping all this in our mind, we have Class activity of almost all subjects. On Saturday the students of Class 3 went to the school garden to understand practically about plants.The students understood types of plants, parts of plants, types of leaves, types of fruits etc.The students asked many amazing question for example if potato is a modified stem then why it grows below the soil?
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