A Seminar on "The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012

A Seminar on "The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 On 25th August 2018 Wendy School Junior College initiated on the issue of operationalising POSCO or the protection of children from sexual offences’ law and Child Rights’ Education (CRE) in schools. It was organised by the Bal Kalyan Samiti. With an increase in sexual offences against children in our country, it is necessary that children must be made aware of their rights. It is also imperative on the part of parents, teachers, civil society and the administrative machinery of the government to ensure that children be made aware of POCSO to keep themselves safe from any act of sexual offence. Shri.K.K.Dixit-Chairman of Bal Kalyan Samiti and Shri Ran Vijay Singh, the Member of Bal Kalyan Samiti, presided the seminar. Mr. Abraham Enoch, the principal of the school along with his staff welcomed them in the campus. The event was well attended and excellent ideas emerged for discussion. Mr.Dixit discussed that in order to make various laws relating to the child operational; it is crucial that the mindsets of people be changed and in this context, the role of parents and the school becomes vital. Schools are in a position to make children aware of their rights through discussion and by complementing the efforts of parents in this direction. The topics under discussion were- 1. Our understanding of child rights’ education and mental health. 2. Best Practices and implementation of CRE 3. Techniques to improve the awareness among teaching and non- teaching about CRE. 4. Challenges in CRE The session ended with plentiful ideas and ways to promote CRE in schools. It was finally agreed that a joint effort is required consisting of parents, teachers and the community at large, to bring awareness.
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