ISA-Activity-Tree Plantation Drive( Celebration of Van Mahotsav)

Tree Plantation Drive
“Planting a tree means planting a whole living system”
Think Green Go Green
“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”
Our Wendyites celebrated Van Mahotsav with great pomp and show. They participated in various activities with a motto of ‘Think Green Go Green’. On July 6, 2018 they actively took part in the Special Assembly .Class I-III- were dressed up and the topic was “Dress-up like you never ",Class 4 and 5 –Tree Plantation, Class 6- 8- Tell a tale (Skit), Theme- Protection of Trees , Class 9-12- Elocution .The students participated whole heartedly in the plantation drive. They planted saplings under the guidance of their teachers. After the plantation students promised that they will take care of the plants and pledged to plant more and more trees . Planting trees connected children with nature and showed them that their hard work makes a big difference in making the campus more greener. Students thoroughly enjoyed the activity.
Since 1986, Wendy School has built a very strong sense of identity.  It is the essence of being a ‘Wendy student’ that shapes our pupils    in their academic studies and personal development.